We help people grow faster by pairing them with a mentor
The main goal of the project is to support ambitious people. We inspire people to achieve their individual goals, and our mentors help them achieve them faster and easier.
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Why do i need a mentor?
No other form of education can be as individual as mentoring, thanks to its targeting and proximity to real conditions.
A mentor is an experienced professional, a source of knowledge and answers. He inspires and helps his menti to grow in his personal and professional life, achieve his goals and succeed in his career path.
What are the differences between a mentor, coach and consultant?
- Experienced specialist, expert in the field of your request (in your field);

- Has practical experience, knowledge, connections, status;

- Gives his advice and recommendations, helps to adapt them to your situation;

- Doesn't do your work;

- Motivates, helps, corrects mistakes and monitors your progress.
- Expert in the field of your request (in your field);

- Has experience, knowledge and problem solutions in your field;

- Finds a ready-made solution for your request;

- Doesn't do your work, but gives advice;

- Helps to implement this solution into your life and solve the problem.
- Not an expert on your request (in your field);

- Has experience and knowledge in the field of coaching techniques;

- Helps you find a solution to your request yourself, using leading questions;

- Doesn't do your work, doesn't give instructions or advice;

- Motivates, helps you find your hidden resources and pushes you to take action.
We select mentors - experienced professionals and entrepreneurs - for each participant individually. They communicate in messengers and call up once a week. During the meeting, mentors help with their knowledge, connections, possibly sponsorship.
Here are some examples of tasks your mentor can help you with:
• determine the vector of further development;

• create a suitable class schedule in a new field, choose a learning pace and budget;

• develop a career path and a clear training plan aimed at gaining hands-on experience, developing skills and learning tools that will come in handy in real life;

• help to arrange a worthy portfolio for the employer;

• prepare a high-quality resume and help you find a cool job;

• help to implement your project and attract investments.
The mentoring process
You fill out a brief survey about yourself and your goals / projects
You pay for a one-time consultation or a monthly "subscription" for a mentor (4 meetings)
We send you a memo with recommendations for work and a traction table for progress
You start communicating with the mentor by calling once a week until you reach a result. After the first meeting, you have the opportunity to change the mentor if for some reason you are not suitable for each other
After a month of communication, you can renew your subscription, or stop communicating if you have achieved your goals or, for example, received all the necessary knowledge and contacts, and are now ready to develop yourself
Our project in numbers
happy menties
lessons completed
Feedback from program participants
Social projects + ecology
Maxim Stepanchuk
Egor Alyabyev
Taisiya Serdyukova
Created the MVP of the project and assembled a team
I wrote the script for the film and submitted it to competitions
Made a mobile game
I opened my eco-club in the Perm region, attracted speakers and entered into agreements with school administrations
"The project helped me realize who I want to be in life and do a useful thing. After spending several months studying, I realized that you shouldn't get hung up on one thing and you can improve in different directions".
"I really liked the program! I came up with various ideas and, together with a mentor, identified one that I like and I am ready to work on. I set a goal and achieved it in these 2 months. I advise everyone to use this program to realize themselves".
"I wanted to develop in the theater or film field, and my mentor helped me figure out how this area works, helped me structure my ideas and write the first script. The Together program left me only positive emotions. I learned a lot of new things. interesting people, opened up a lot of new opportunities. I advise everyone who has cool ideas to take part in it, because they will be able to realize them, and those who do not know what they want will be able to reveal their potential".
"It was very useful to talk with a mentor. He told me about the structure of the mobile games market, helped form an idea and write a plot. He told me what skills I need to improve and what technical part to learn. As a result, I made a game and soon it will be laid out in appstore".
Within 5 working days we select the right mentor for you from our base - an experienced specialist from the same field as your goals / projects
The cost of mentoring depends on the type of mentor and their experience. The exact price is agreed upon after filling out the application and selecting a suitable mentor for you. If you have a non-standard request, fill out the application on the website or write us a message in the corner of the screen, and we will guide you on the terms.
Mentor —
experienced specialist
Mentor — entrepreneur / top specialist
Mentor — large entrepreneur / investor / public figure
Traction of your team or personal mentoring for the leader / team from entrepreneurs
One-time lesson: 1500 ₽
One-time lesson: 2500 ₽
One-time lesson: 6000 ₽
Negotiable price:
from 20000 ₽
Month of mentoring
(4 lessons): 3990-6990 ₽
Month of mentoring
(4 lessons): 6990-12990 ₽
Month of mentoring
(4 lessons): 19990 ₽
Have a question?
If you still have questions that we have not answered, please contact us by mail below or write in the messages in the corner of the screen, and we will definitely help you!
Want to become a mentor and help other succeed in your field?