Become a mentor of Sovmestno
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Mentoring is an informal process of exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as psychological support received by the ward in life, work and professional development. For the mentor himself, his activity also brings irreplaceable experience and becomes the next point of growth on the path of development, which is why this way of teaching is so important for both his sides.
Benefits of being a mentor with us
You can monetize your knowledge and skills by helping others
You yourself agree with the menti about a convenient time to call
You conduct classes only with motivated and motivated menti who have a clear request
We train you and provide useful mentoring materials, and in the process you develop yourself
We support you during your work, help with any questions and difficulties
You can mentor one or several menti, depending on your time and desire
Additional income
Customized schedule
Motivated learners
Learning and Growth
Our support
Unlimited possibilities
To become a mentor, you need:
be an experienced professional / entrepreneur / investor in any field
have at least 3 years of experience in your field
be ready to share your knowledge, experience, connections
be ready to communicate informally and on an equal footing with menti
have a desire to learn teaching or already have experience in it
leave an application and your resume below
How is the selection for mentors going?
You fill out the questionnaire, we will contact you, discuss the details of your experience, if required. You are undergoing mentoring training and we add you to our mentor base. When a request comes in for a mentor from your area, we contact you and offer you a menti.
How does mentoring work?
Before the first meeting, you contact the mentee in a convenient messenger, get acquainted and agree on a call.

At the first meeting, you discuss the goals of the mentee, agree on the schedule of meetings, the place of communication. Write down clear goals for your work, decompose them into weekly goals.

At each subsequent meeting, you discuss the results of the mentee, give feedback, discuss difficulties, set new goals and objectives.

At the final meeting, when the mentee has already achieved its goals, you record its results, discuss its further path, help in drawing up a strategy and say goodbye. Although you can always continue to chat informally in messengers :)
If I have little work experience yet, but already want to become a mentor, what should I do?
You can help less experienced ones too! You can become a mentor for teenagers or very new professionals if such a request comes. Also, you can always become a mentor for children from the CIS in the framework of the joint social project. They often have a request to communicate with students or young professionals.
How does payment work?
As part of a social project for mentoring teenagers, the work of mentors is not paid.

Mentoring of adult participants (from 18 years old) is paid weekly. The first meeting with a new mentee is a trial one, so payment is made for 2 meetings and each subsequent one.