Become a mentor of Sovmestno
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Mentoring is an informal process of exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as psychological support received by the ward in life, work and professional development. For the mentor himself, his activity also brings irreplaceable experience and becomes the next point of growth on the path of development, which is why this way of teaching is so important for both his sides.
Benefits of being a mentor with us
You can monetize your knowledge and skills by helping others
You yourself agree with the menti about a convenient time to call
You conduct classes only with motivated and motivated menti who have a clear request
We train you and provide useful mentoring materials, and in the process you develop yourself
We support you during your work, help with any questions and difficulties
You can mentor one or several menti, depending on your time and desire
Additional income
Customized schedule
Motivated learners
Learning and Growth
Our support
Unlimited possibilities
To become a mentor, you need:
be an experienced professional / entrepreneur / investor in any field
have at least 3 years of experience in your field
be ready to share your knowledge, experience, connections
be ready to communicate informally and on an equal footing with menti
have a desire to learn teaching or already have experience in it
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