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The project is female founded and female lead.
"We ourselves felt how difficult it is to grow alone, especially in a new field, if you are from a small town where there are no role models. And at different moments in life we were all helped by a more experienced specialist, a kind of mentor. Therefore, we decided to make such a project , where everyone can find a mentor and, together with him, quickly and easily reach their success! "
This project was created so that more people could fulfill themselves and be happy. We don't like "successful success" - we are sure that everyone has their own success, and everyone can achieve it by developing in their own direction. The project aims to support motivated people on their path of development through cooperation with more experienced professionals.
Project history
We started working in 2020 as part of a non-profit project for the selection of mentors for teenagers from the regions of Russia. During the first months of work, through the efforts of our team, we made a program,
a website, attracted partner-teachers from several regions of Russia, found the first 15 mentors. In December, the first admission to the program for teenagers was completed, and in January the next one already started, where we received about 100 applications from all over Russia and the CIS.
At the second set of adolescents, we divided the guys into trajectories - one for working with mentors, and another group for those who have not yet clearly defined their goals, we made a career guidance program, which includes a course on self-determination and individual and group work with a psychologist. After self-determination, these guys also started working with mentors from their chosen field.
During the children's program, we received many requests from adults and decided to open the same opportunity for them.
Sovmestno Teens
Sovmestno Teens is a non-profit, social project with mentorship program. We help children aged 14-18 for free to achieve their goals and develop their projects.

Each member of our program gets access to useful courses on goal setting and self-determination, and for two months, weekly calls up with their mentor.
Want to become a mentor and help other succeed in your field?